Early Childhood Development - Stimulate Your Child's IQ

IQ Express Jr. help for children with learning problems If you're looking for a way to accelerate your young child's learning and to encourage success at school, IQ Express Jr. is

 the fun, affordable, and proven way to stimulate your child's learning capabilities. Give your child a gift they will use all their life - the ability to learn easily.

  1. Learning Technics' IQ Express Jr. is fun and easy
  2. It stimulates a child's neural and physical developmental skills
  3. IQ Express Jr. is designed for children ages 4-7
  4. Activities can be completed in as little as ten minutes a few times a week.

Included in each IQ Express Jr. Kit:

  • Instruction Manual and complete description of Physio-Neuro Therapy activities.
  • Equipment for 25 different activities plus ideas for many more.
  • "When Bright Kids Can't Learn " by Learning Technics founder John F. Heath.
  • Convenient carrying case

All of this is available for one low price!


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