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Learning Technics: a better approach to solve your learning problems

Since 1988, Learning Technics has offered the most comprehensive program available to help both children and adults who struggle with learning.  Our programs assist individuals who struggle with reading, math, spelling, memory, ADHD, ADD, and Dyslexia. We have successfully treated thousands of struggling students in seven states, in both public education and private sector. In 2006, the Learning Technics Company was invited to present its findings at an international conference on learning disabilities at Oxford University. We guarantee our patented Physio-Neuro training will help a struggling student markedly improve his/her ability to learn and to overcome the roadblocks to a brighter future.

Our mission is to join with parents, adults and children to solve difficult learning problems. We have extensive experience diagnosing, treating and correcting learning disabilities. Our desire is to offer affordable educational services to ensure every family will have access, no matter what the situation. We recognize that Learning Technics is an important step in creating a brighter future for your child. We strive to create the best value, product and service for your investment.  We want you to understand that this is our passion, our life and our drive 

At Learning Technics, we realize that individuals with learning disabilities are seeking ways to make school a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.  Students with disabilities related to learning shy away from learning and other difficult tasks.  Our goal is to provide a brighter future for your child through our research validated learning techniques, created by a group of specialists in psychology, education, psychiatry, and medicine.  With a 93% success rate for our students over the past twenty-nine years, Learning Technics can be your child's connection to brighter and more successful future


In 1988, John Heath and Sally Higley Discover an Exciting Solution for Children with Learning Difficulties.

In 1988 John Heath and Sally Higley, Learning Technics founders, were searching for something to help their two bright, but academically struggling children. They discovered new research that had the potential to help problem students learn with greater ease and ability.

They created a board of specialists in the fields of education, psychology, psychiatry and medicine to assist in compiling this research. By doing this, John observed solutions in various disciplines ready to be assembled into an impressive program. “My goal was to find these pieces and bring them together into a step-by-step program that would be highly effective and to make this program readily available to the many individuals and children who struggle with learning.”

Learning Technics Inc. was founded in 1988 and has stayed at the forefront of the most recent neuro-scientific research. By applying this research, Learning Technics has been able to help children and adults overcome learning disabilities for over 30 years. With a success rate of 93%, it has been one of the most effective solutions to date in helping individuals who struggle with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning disorders.

John Heath has appeared on television numerous times and has lectured at universities and academic institutions throughout the country. In 2006 Oxford University recognized Heath’s advances made in the field of solving learning disabilities and invited him to present his research at the university.


Learning Technics' Educational Program Board

Our program board keeps us updated with new and exciting research in the fields of learning and the treatment of learning disabilities. They assist us with integrating this new research into the curriculum, exercises and techniques used in our physio-neuro training. We have an experienced and highly trained staff to help create the kind of future your struggling child truly deserves. 

Dr. Byron Christiansen  
Ed.D. in Education  
Originally from Utah, Dr. Christiansen was drawn to education from an early age. After obtaining a doctorate in education, he taught for 16 years before deciding to become a principal. He earned additional administrative credentials and worked as a principal for many years. He is also a reading specialist, and spent a considerable amount of time tutoring children who struggled in that area. After retirement, he heard about the work that was going on with Learning Technics, and contacted John Heath. He has since served as a researcher and article-writer for Learning Technics, making sure we are up to speed with the latest and greatest breakthroughs in research and discovery. Since working with Learning Technics, Dr. Christiansen has been impressed with the transformation that takes place during the students’ time here. In his spare time, Dr. Christiansen enjoys hiking, camping, and fishing in the beautiful Utah countryside.

Jana Brown
M.A. in Educational Psychology  
Jana first came to Learning Technics as a student coping with learning difficulties. The training she received helped her manage and overcome her learning hardships. Jana became interested in teaching and double majored in Physical Education and Special Education. She went on to achieve a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology. Brown returned to Learning Technics, this time as a specialist. She found that through our unique program she was able to help kids in a way she couldn’t in a traditional classroom environment. Using physio-neuro therapy, she has aided countless young people through the Intercept program as well as in a private capacity. She’s taught community education classes on the benefits of physio-neuro therapy as well as led pilot programs in the school system. Jana is in the unique position of having been through the program herself, as well as administering it as a professional. She has seen how our exercises have been honed and perfected over the years and advises us with a deep understanding of the methods and their results.

Ralph Pomeroy

M.A. in Education

Ralph Pomeroy hails from Arizona and has 40 years of experience in the educational arena as a teacher, principal, and superintendent. Mr. Pomeroy originally achieved a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics, but after returning from war, took up substitute teaching. He had been working on a master’s in agricultural economics, but found he loved teaching so much he wound up getting a master’s in education instead. As an educator, he wanted to find the best help possible for his students labeled as “special needs.” When he came across Learning Technics, he was happy to find such a dedicated and sincere team willing to help. He now lends his decades of educational experience in an advisory capacity

Nyles Williams  
Occupational Therapist  
Williams was born in D.C. but grew up in Queens. He got his bachelor’s degree in psychology and went on to become a certified occupational therapist. As such, he is an expert in how activities and environment inform and influence our lives. Activities can be used to help people recover from illness or injury; they can also help them adapt to their environment. When he heard about Learning Technics, he marveled at the parallels he saw between our methods and his line of work. Familiar with neuroanatomy, he could see how the exercises implemented at our Learning Centers were physically improving the mental processes, and consequently dispositions, of our clients. He now informs us from a therapeutic perspective and helps these kids improve their quality of life through academic achievement.

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