When Tutoring Programs Don't Help-Then What?

Tutoring programs for kids are often used to help children with learning disabilities keep up with their peers. math tutoring programs, reading tutoring programs or other tutoring services are effective about 30% of the time in permanently solving these learning problems. Tutoring programs for children are not a viable, long-term solution for students with learning disabilities. While the extra help goes on and on, it does little or nothing to correct the underlying problem. As these students are confronted with new classes or concepts, they need more remedial help. These on-going tutoring services can be very expensive, especially if a student needs help in more than one subject. These types of services are most effective working with students that need additional exposure to material. Using tutoring services for students that have neurological processing weaknesses can lead to additional frustration for your child, further loss of self-confidence and will drain your wallet.

Most learning assistance facilities try to improve performance by dealing primarily with the symptoms or expressions of the problem. If the student's problem is poor reading or poor math, the teacher focuses on drilling and practicing reading or math skills. Using a tutor for children with learning disabilities usually produces short-term gain. The next year, more additional help is needed. It's very difficult for both the parents and the child to see these momentary glimpses of hope-they think they have found a solution!  Unfortunately, in the end, the learning difficulties, poor grades and frustrations return. Tutoring for children with learning disabilities is not an effective long-term learning solution!

Permanently Eliminate Tutoring Using Our Learning Program

Learning Technics does not teach specific subjects such as math or social studies.  Physio-Neuro Therapy, a truly unique tutoring service, works by utilizing proven techniques and mental exercises, which change the way the brain processes information. Once these processes are developed, the student can use these invaluable tools for a lifetime.

Whether an individual is struggling with Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Dyscalculia or other learning problems, this new, powerful approach can assist students in overcoming learning disabilities by concentrating on the neurological phase of learning.  Physio-Neuro Therapy involves very specific-targeted physical and neurological exercises that strengthen developmentally weak areas of the brain, thus eliminating the neurological disorder that is the underlying cause of the disability.

Through a simple assessment, your child's basic perceptual and processing weaknesses are discovered. Those basic perceptual and processing weaknesses can then be addressed.

Learning problems get in the way of success throughout life. Don't let that happen to your child!

When these learning disabilities are identified and corrected, the need for continual remedial help ends...FOREVER!

Learning Technics' success rate in identifying and permanently solving learning disabilities is over 93%!


The Learning Technics Learning Disability Program has been effective for:

  • Dyslexia
  • Hyperactivity
  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Poor reading or comprehension
  • Difficulty remembering
  • Difficulty concentrating / short attention span
  • Difficulty following directions or sequencing information
  • Inability to complete tasks
  • Poor self-image
  • Directional Problems
  • Hearing Discrimination Problems

We see improved grades, better attitudes, more initiative, improved focus, but more is at stake-much more! One struggling student told his mother, "Just face it Mom! I'm not smart and nothing will change that. Don't you get it?!" The truth is, this boy's brain just works differently and once his ability to learn is improved, his whole life will be changed for the better.

The Physio-Neuro Therapy program runs approximately 26 weeks, but the affects last a lifetime! There is a one-time charge is considerably less than the yearly 100 hours of instruction at a learning center or with a professional tutor

And, you don't have to keep coming back year after year.

Learning Technics will GUARANTEE IN WRITING, improvement in your child's ability to learn ...with the greatest improvement occurring in the areas of most difficulty. Give Learning Technics a call to set up an evaluation. After the evaluation, you will KNOW exactly what areas need to be improved to solve your child's learning problems permanently!

Click here for a simple evaluation you can do at home to see if neuro-processing weaknesses may be the cause of your child's learning difficulties.


Learning Technics' Physio-Neuro Therapy is a revolutionary tutoring program. Learning Technics' tutoring services truly work!

Charles Eberhard School Superintendent

Charles praises Learning Technics' Intercept Program

When I left the district in 1993, almost all the students who had been through Learning Technics' Project Intercept were finding success in the regular classroom and the number of special education students had been reduced significantly."

During the late 1980's I was superintendent of Fredonia-Moccasin Unified School District in northern Arizona.   For some time I had been concerned about the relative lack of success of Special Education programs in the public schools.  It seemed that children who were classified as having special needs were put into a system from which they seldom left, remaining special education students through elementary, middle school and high school.  Kindergarten and First Grade teachers knew early on that certain students were having difficulty with learning processes.   I felt that if these children could be identified at an early age and their specific learning problems addressed early on, that perhaps the prolonged special education label could be eliminated.

One of my elementary teachers, Mary Johnson, introduced me to Learning Technics, a program John Heath had been developing that seemed to address the concerns I had.  With the approval of the district board of education, we began a training process with teachers and parents that we called Project Intercept.  We identified students who were not yet classified as Special Ed and began the program.  When I left the district in 1993, almost all the students who had been through Project Intercept were finding success in the regular classroom and the number of special education students had been reduced significantly.  I felt that the key to the success of the program was a close working relationship between parents and teachers in providing an intense one-on-one training of students to confront the developmental processes needed to overcome specific learning disabilities.In the 1990's I was superintendent of Laramie County School District #2 in southeastern Wyoming.  I was able to introduce Project Intercept into that district.  One significant aspect of the program there was the incident of one teacher using the skills she had been taught by Learning Technics on an 8th grade student who was in Special Education.   She found that the techniques worked with older students as well.  However, this student was highly motivated, as he didn't want to be classified as Special Ed when he went to high school.  He made amazing progress, and entered the 9th grade as a regular education student.

I sincerely believe that by identifying children with learning disabilities at an early age, and intensely working with them on an individual basis, that developmental processes can be channeled so that the disabilities can be overcome and self-esteem enhanced.

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