Business Opportunity with Learning Technics

Are you considering a lifestyle change? 
Would you like to control the
Direction of your life, the
Income you produce and
Find great personal reward in the process? 

When you open a business using IQ Express services you create an amazing opportunity to earn while you elevate the lives of struggling students.  This opportunity will give you the income you are looking for plus the personal fulfillment that comes from lifting a child to their full potential.

What is IQ Express?

IQ Express Learning Services can be divided into two steps. The first phase is the scholastic phase. This is the phase in which the student is exposed to information by parents, schools and tutors. The second phase is the neurological phase. This is the phase in which each student mentally processes incoming information and turns it into learning.

This technology grows neurological tissue in weak areas thus improving the brain's ability to turn teaching into learning.  With this new brain power the student will be able to permanently learn like other classmates.  IQ Express Learning Services is based on the most advanced research. It is the only effective way to treat learning disabilities. IQ Express Learning Services can diagnose the neurological weaknesses related to poor learning and strengthen these weaknesses, thus turning the student into a more effective learner.

Why Would I Be Interested in the IQ Express Business Opportunity?

IQ Express can give you:

1. Better income for your hard work.

2. More control of your future.

3. Personal gratification from improving others lives.

4. Ownership of a business with no direct competition.

5. A business where 1 in 3 people are actively seeking your services.

6. Profits in the first month of operations.

7. Can be successful in cities as small as 12,000.

What Kind of Investment is Required?

Your total investment to get started can range from $4,000 to $30,000+, depending on the area you wish to secure. Financing is available. Furniture and fixtures necessary to get started will cost less than $1,000. All student-related materials and equipment is supplied by Learning Technics at no cost to you.

Sometimes there is a per student fee, which is about 10% of sales. This fee varies depending on which type of license you select.

What is Included with a License to Use IQ Express?

  • Training in the testing and diagnosis of learning problems.
  • Introductory training in the use of the IQ Express program in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Periodic advanced training in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Start-up equipment and materials necessary to conduct the program.
  • Referrals through Learning Technics' marketing network.

How Can I Get Started?

The format laid out above is highly successful. It also flourishes over time with 40% of licensees opening a second location. The next step is to contact John F. Heath, CEO at Learning Technics, Inc., 1-800-893-9315. He can answer any questions and walk you through the steps to get you started.

We are offering a complimentary copy of the book When Bright Kids Can't Learn to people interested in starting a business with IQ Express. This book provides the research, technology and examples of what is involved in IQ Express Learning Services technology. Call the number above for your free copy.


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