IQ Express Electronic Edition

  • Has learning required more effort than others seem to use?
  • Has learning been difficult for 2 years or more?
  • Has tutoring or special help been ineffective over the long term?
  • Has success been inconsistent?
  • Is performance below average or below grade level in some areas?
  • Is forgetfulness a problem?
  • Are spoken instructions or lectures difficult to follow?
  • Are sports or tasks that require coordination difficult?
  • Is there a high level of frustration when learning new material?
  • When reading, are words or lines skipped?


If you answered Yes to three or more of these questions, using IQ Express Electronic Edition will improve your child's ability to learn...with the greatest improvement occurring in the areas of most difficulty.

IQ Express for Learning Disabilities

The I.Q. Express Electronic Edition program is designed to change the lives of individuals who have reasonable intelligence and have been taught adequately, but are having trouble turning teaching into learning.

It includes all needed materials, and four DVD's that will demonstrate each activity, explain why the activity is being done and when to move to the next activity.

Most students complete the program in about 26 weeks working about 45 minutes per day, 6 days per week.  As you move through the program school will become easier, requiring less time, grades will improve and your child will begin to self-motivate.

This program includes an at-home evaluation, all the needed materials, DVDs and two hours of technical support.

The book When Bright Kids Can't Learn goes into deeper detail and provides examples of Physio-Neuro therapy.

Learning can be divided into two steps. The first phase is the scholastic phase. This is the phase in which the student is exposed to information by parents, schools and tutors. The second phase is the neurological phase. This is the phase in which each student mentally processes incoming information and turns it into learning. IQ Express can diagnose the neurological weaknesses related to poor learning and strengthen these weaknesses, thus turning the student into a more effective learner.

Unfortunately, many areas don't have offices nearby that can provide the Physio-Neuro Therapy that some students so desperately need. We receive calls daily from parents agonizing over their child's future.  We have felt their frustration and we are very excited to announce that we have completed a new interactive program that you can use in your home!


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