Individual Learning Program

Learning Technics' Physio-Neuro Therapy has had remarkable success in reprogramming the brain, allowing students with all types of learning difficulties to learn and to enjoy learning. Since 1988, Learning Technics has been revolutionizing the process of helping "problem learners" improve their basic ability to learn.

Physio-Neuro Therapy was created by Learning Technics as shown in this PBS Documentary. Learning Technics has utilized cutting-edge research to produce this exciting treatment for students and adults with learning disabilities.

Since 1988, we have successfully treated thousands of struggling students in seven states, in both public education and private sector. In 2006, the Learning Technics Company was invited to present its findings at an international conference on learning disabilities at Oxford University. We guarantee our patented Physio-Neuro training will help a struggling student markedly improve his/her ability to learn and to overcome the roadblocks to a brighter future. 


What is Physio-Neuro therapy? How will it help my child's learning problems?

Physio-Neuro Therapy is works by building brain tissue in place where inadequate growth has occurred in the past. The brain is much like a muscle. If you want to strengthen a muscle, you would do exercises that require the muscle to work harder than it has in the past. As the strain occurs, the body will develop tissue that will accommodate the strain, thus making it possible for the muscle to do things that it previously could not do. Our brain develops in the same way.

Physio-Neuro Therapy simulates underdeveloped areas of the brain, which is the underlying cause of the learning disability, through the use of specific, targeted neurological exercises. These exercise cause new neurological tissue to develop, thus strengthening the brain and making learning much easier.


A New Approach to Treating Learning Problems

Whether an individual is suffering from Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD Dyscalculia or Dysgraphia, this new approach can assist students in overcoming learning disabilities by concentrating on the neurological phase of learning. It involves a series of very specific-targeted physical and neurological exercises that strengthen developmentally weak areas of the brain, thus eliminating the neurological disorder that is the cause of the learning disability.

No amount of teaching will help if a student does not have the ability to efficiently turn it into learning. If we first address this processing problem then teaching can easily turn into learning.

The students we work with at Learning Technics are usually not slow or unintelligent. Most are very bright and capable people. Some are young students struggling in school. Some cannot read at all. Some are adults who want to do better at work and some are even "A" and "B" students. They all know they are working too hard to learn. Learning Technics changes that.

The Learning Technics' program starts with an evaluation, often by a Learning Technics professional. Through this assessment, basic perceptual and processing weaknesses are discovered.

Upon completion of the evaluation you will KNOW exactly what areas need improvement and have a very clear picture of how Learning Technics will help your student find learning much easier.

Learning Technics does not teach math, reading, spelling or social studies. Physio-Neuro Therapy helps grow neuro tissue which changes the way the brain learns,making school (and life) easier and more enjoyable. The Physio-Neuro Therapy program runs approximately 26 weeks and the affects last a lifetime.Listed below are three life-changing options:

1. The Learning Technics Office Program has a one-time charge (considerably less than 100 hours of instruction at a learning center or with a professional tutor) and changes are both remarkable and permanent!! 

The student and a family member meet with their instructor once a week for an hour. The student then works at home with the assistance of the family member for about 45 minutes each day on the Physio-Neuro techniques assigned for the week. The student and family member return each week for another hour of review and instruction.

2. A three-day per week program is also available at Learning Technics facilities. In this program the exercises, review and instruction are all completed with the Physio-Neuro therapist with very little instruction at the student's home. This plan works well for adults, difficult teens, and students who do not have a family member who is able to assist them with their weekly assignments.

3. Where an office is not available, Learning Technics has developed a new powerful program called I.Q. Express Electronic Edition, with this format all instruction comes from a user friendly set of multi-sensory DVDs, corresponding program manuals and supplies. Technical telephone support is also included. This program is designed for a single use, with one student