A Message from Learning Technics Founder John F. Heath

John F. Heath Founder of Learning Technics

 Learning Technics' Founder John F. Heath speaks about his struggles with Dyselxia

Every day struggling students pick up their backpacks and head to school. Each day is full of trying to do something you can't do or don't understand and you constantly fail in front of your friends. I lived this life myself. I struggled with learning disabilities from a young age. I know how these problems affect a child's emotional well-being. I see this play out everyday in lives of bright but struggling students who walk through my office doors. It has been so moving to be part of changing a child's life forever. I love the idea that we are able to give children the tools they need to lead a full and rewarding life, tools I so fervently searched for in my youth. This is why we created Learning Technics --to help struggling students overcome their problems and lead full and rewarding lives.

 How important is your child's educational future?   

A child's ability to learn dictates the road map of their life.  Learning occurs every waking moment throughout life.  A parent has no greater responsibility and challenge than to insure that their children have this ability.  No one cares about your children's lives as much as you do.  The actions necessary rests squarely on each parent's shoulders.  learning ability is not fixed.  It can be substantially strengthened.  Addressing this responsibility earlier is better but it is never too late.  A child who loves to learn will gain a stronger education and all that goes with it.  What is this worth?  One father said years after his son completed Learning Technics, "With each of his successes I feel thankful I invested the time and money that insure his future"

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