Physio-Neuro Therapy

a proven short-term treatment for learning problems.

Finally, there is an effective way to eliminate learning difficulties!  Unlike commonly used methods such as tutors, learning centers or special education, our cutting-edge program can help your child succeed academically without the need for long-term outside assistance.  Our treatment, Physio-Neuro Therapy, is supported by current brain research and does not require continuous therapy.  Rather, Physio-Neuro Therapy a short-term treatment program that will allow your child to maintain a higher level of academic performance without the need for continuous intervention.

Schools and tutors aren't trained to deal with the "neurological phase of learning".

You've probably heard the statement, "Each person learns differently and therefore must be taught differently".  This may be true in theory, but we all know it's rarely practiced. It would be almost impossible for a teacher to teach each student differently in a classroom setting, so the result is an education system teaching to only one type of student. This means that only about 80% of students learn effectively within a normal classroom environment.
Recently, there has been increased interest in brain-based learning. This includes understanding how each individual brain learns, and how that information can be used to teach according to each student's neurological strength.  Typical education systems today are ill-equipped to address the neurological demands of each individual student, but our Physio-Neuro Therapy can meet that need.

1 out of 5 children and adults struggle with learning.

If your child is part of the 20% of individuals who struggle with learning in the traditional setting, she may not be less intelligent, but rather simply a unique learner.  Each of us has different neurological ability according to our brain development.  Every child processes' information a bit differently. 

The typical school's response to children with learning difficulties is to label them with special education designations, or assign extensive tutoring and even sometimes encourage the use of medications.  At Learning Technics, we respect the individuality of each child and use our Neuro-Physio Therapy to "reprogram" the struggling student's neurological processing skills.  With Neuro-Physio Therapy, each child can "learn" to be successful in any standard classroom and with any learning style.

A Decade of Research and Testing is Behind Physio-Neuro Therapy. 

Physio-Neuro Therapy was developed after more than a decade of brain research by a team of experts and specialists. This successful new technique is the result of mixing ideas from the brilliant minds of neurologists, psychologists, educators, pediatricians, sociologists, psychiatrists, and neuroscientists. Physio-Neuro Therapy was first tested in an educational setting in 1988, with an outcome so successful that the testing and research has continued to create the inspiring and innovative program that it is today.

The brain is constantly remolding itself through "Neuro-Plasticity".

The brain is constantly remodeling itself throughout life. It changes and develops according to how it is stimulated and used. The research on our revolutionary technique has enhanced what we know of how the brain functions and adapts, allowing us to tailor our program specifically to the needs of individuals with learning difficulties. 

All brains contain juvenile cells that, when stimulated by a specific brain-based exercise, will attach themselves to areas of weakness to permanently improve performance. Using the correct exercises to stimulate and develop the brain, our program can improve a person's actual ability to learn.

With Learning Technics' Physio-Neuro Therapy, the student's roadblocks to learning ease, frustrations fade and a much-needed boost in motivation and self-image results.

Our therapy is a research-validated  and proven to help students with learning disabilities.

Physio-Neuro Therapy has been proven successful for students with Dyslexia, Hyperactivity, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), poor reading or comprehension, memory problems, poor concentration, difficulty following directions, hearing problems and more. Do not force your "slow learner" to work harder to succeed in school. You can permanently solve their learning disability through the use of our revolutionary Physio-Neuro Therapy.
Physio-Neuro Therapy has shown incredible success in improving learning ability for children and adults with a learning disability like Dyslexia, Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit Disorder, and more. This learning disability program offered by Learning Technics guarantees permanent academic performance.

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