Intercept a Proven Solution for Public Schools

A Tested and Proven Program

The Intercept Program, sometimes called Physio-Neuro Therapy, has been used by school districts in Arizona, California, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.  It has been operating in school districts since 1989.  The program started as a pilot study using a control group and a group of students given Physio-Neuro training.  The students in the program received twenty minutes of one-on-one training, four times a week, from a trained teacher's aid.  After only three months, the students receiving the training were improving rapidly.  The control group was showing little change.  The school decided it was unfair to leave students in the control group when real help was available.  So, all students in the group were given Physio-Neuro training.

By 1991, they had run sixty-one students through the program - all in the bottom twenty percentile and heading for resource.  The school conducted pre and post SAT tests.  The students' SAT scores increased by an average of forty-three percentile points after receiving the Intercept training.  Two years after the training, these "at risk" students scored in the top one third on SAT tests, and few have required additional remedial help (see research study attached).  Because of this study, the district came to the conclusion that many bright students are at the bottom of their class.  They recognized their teaching was effective for many students, but some students were not able to turn this teaching into learning.  When this problem was solved, the students permanently turned into substantially higher functioning learners.


An interesting fact is that Physio-Neuro Therapy does not teach material that is directly related to concepts included in the SAT exam.  The training teaches the student "how to learn more effectively."  The knowledge gain came from the teaching students had received in their regular classrooms.  The therapy had enabled the teacher to teach more successfully in the classroom.


Program Goals


  • To discover, through one-on-one evaluations, the specific problems inhibiting the learning of each child in the program.
  • To design an individualized program for each student using Intercept training which will successfully correct each child's underlying learning problems.
  • To keep in (or return to) the educational mainstream a minimum of 90% of the children in need of remedial education services who participate in this program.  (Actual results have been over 95%)
  • To produce valid and reliable data on the success of each child using standardized tests such as SATs.


Program Development

This Learning Technics program is a tested and proven innovative approach for students at risk.  It was developed by Learning Technics, an educational research company, in conjunction with a program board consisting of five doctors and educators.  The board members are specialists in the fields of education, psychology, psychiatry, and medicine.  This group has assisted Learning Technics in developing and assembling the various techniques and methodologies of learning theory and therapy.  The materials woven into the Intercept School Program came from such diverse fields as neurology, physical therapy, speech therapy, audiology, optical therapy, special education and others.  The research and methodologies of many noted people have been used.  The blending and structuring of this information into a readily usable package is the magic of the program's approach.


Premises Upon Which The Intercept School Program is Based


This Program is an application of six research-based premises:


1. That identifying and filling learning needs in a pro-active way is essential to motivation in learning and to the maintenance of positive self-image.

2. That many students are academically at risk because they have not developed effective ways to assimilate material, even when being taught by a competent and caring instructor.

3. That all students can be taught to learn more effectively.  To develop more efficient automatic processes for the intake, processing, storage and recall of information.  All of these skills must be improved as an integrated whole.  To develop any one in isolation will produce sporadic success.

4. That learning ability development is best achieved by an intense, repetitive and continuously monitored program, which will develop and reinforce new automatic learning processes in the student's brain.  These new learning patterns will remain with the student for a lifetime when continuously used.  This is done by using a teacher's aid trained by Learning Technics and supervised by the institution's Intercept supervisor.

5. That to maximize success in changing automatic learning behaviors, detailed monitoring of the student's behavior and regular feedback must be given by a trained observer.  This requires short (usually 20-30 minutes) one-on-one training sessions on a daily basis for about nine months.

6. That early intervention in treating learning difficulties is crucial.  (Although these problems can be treated at any age.)



Program Evaluation


External evaluations are designed to see how much the students are improving in their effectiveness in the classroom.  This is best determined by measuring increases in the students' academic subject knowledge, (which are not taught in the Physio-Neuro training).  This type of success can best be determined by student improvement on standardized achievement tests such as SAT scores.




The Intercept School Program is a proven means to permanently help struggling students.  Institutions using the program have consistently shown average student gains of 43 percentile points.  The students using this program are generally destined for resource programs; however, after the Program almost all are mainstreamed. Learn more about our research here  


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