Learning Technics' Research Results: Reading, Math & Spelling


Does the Learning Technics really work? Look at the remarkable results of our four landmark studies!


Study 1: Arizona School Study of Learning Technics Intercept Shows Remarkable Improvment in Math and Reading  1990-1998 

Learning Technics' Physio-Neuro therapy training was first used by schools in 1989. The first school to use the program was in Arizona. The school was looking for a program that did more than help a child "get better." They wanted a program that helped a failing student "get better permanently."

Study of Learning Technics in Arizona School District

The Learning Technics' Learning program was modified for use in public schools. Physio-Neuro therapy training was taught to failing students 25 minutes a day four days a week. The 61 students in the study came from the bottom (in terms of test scores) 3% of students in the school district. After Physio-Neuro therapy, a sample of the bottom 3% are now the source of 22% of all the honor students in the district.

All students have continued to improve in the years after completing Physio-Neuro therapy. Less than 4% have required any additional remedial help. The long term results confirmed that the ability to learn can be permanently changed. In most cases the changes are dramatic.

After eleven years the program's administrator told Learning Technics that this program had reduced the size of the resource program in their school. Many of the school's failing students had become successful through the use of Physio-Neuro Therapy, and continued to improve throughout later school years without additional help. If not for new and transfer students the resource program would be even smaller. Almost all the students who were once failing and went through the program have been successful in school, continued to improve and have never needed help again.


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Study 2 : Learning Technics' opens research project 1993-2001. 8 year study shows amazing gains in Math, Spelling and Reading

Learning Technics' private school was opened as a research school where Physio-Neuro Therapy could be tested in a controlled environment. Approximately 51 students were enrolled in the school rather than the in-home therapy program because they had very serious learning problems. These students were generally several years behind in school.Physio-Neuro training in our private school has allowed students to turn teaching into learning, catch up academically with their peers and then return to regular school.

Math   Reading   Spelling
Learning Technics' program shows amazing math improvements   Reading study results of students.   Spelling results of Learning Technics program
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Study 3: Study Three of the Intercept School Program  in the Morgan School District Confirms Amazing Results in Reading and Math
Morgan Elementary/Delta South Elementary Research Study

The purpose of this study was to determine if the Intercept Program could significantly improve struggling students' ability to turn teaching into learning. 45 students were selected from an experimental group (Morgan Elementary) and 45 students were selected for the control group (Delta South Elementary).

Morgan School District Math and Reading Results

The grade equivalent gains for the control group and experimental group are shown below. There was a .7 grade equivalent gain in the Reading Vocabulary, but there was no gain for the experimental group in the Math Problem Solving. The overall results were quite remarkable for the experimental group with an average grade equivalent gain of l.6 years.

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Study 4: Highland Elementary 2000-2004


The purpose of this study was to determine if the application of new brain research using the Intercept program could significantly improve struggling students' ability to turn teaching into learning.  Fifteen students were selected, each being two or more years behind in one or more subjects.  Each student was pulled out of class for about twenty-five minutes.  During this time, the students were given activities tailored to stimulate specific types of brain development that would create increased capacity to perform specific types of tasks.  The students were then returned to their regular classes with no additional intervention of any kind.

The students were tested before the study and at its conclusion.  Throughout the study, the Learning Technics Intercept staff trained school personnel.  The first phase of the study took one school year.


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The Evidence is Clear! 

Physio-Neuro training works! It improves learning abilities permanently. At Learning Technics, we design activities and experiences that create increased capacity to handle all of the demands of education today. It has taken much research and many years of experience to learn what works effectively.

These studies conducted in completely different environments (public schools in Arizona and Utah as well as a private school in Utah) show that all students, upon completion of Physio-Neuro training, achieved significant academic progress.

Studies also show that the effects of Physio-Neuro training are long lasting. Students have continued to improve their academic and social skills with no additional special training.