Focus- Students with poor Focus are often labeled Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

ADD/ADHD Symptoms: Difficulty staying on task, poor eye control, poor handwriting

Physical Focus: Eyes still and converging on a specific focal point

Mental Focus: Responding to a specific item or task for an appropriate length of time


ADHD is a condition in which levels of attention and concentration are inappropriate for the child's age. The child is easily distractible and often impulsive.

As it relates to learning, ADHD is the inability to keep the eyes and mind on a task long enough to gather all pertinent information. This inability can have a profound effect on how a student learns. If the eyes and mind cannot focus long enough to gather all the relevant pieces, the brain must guess at the information and fill in the blanks. This can be one reason a student repeatedly misreads words or misunderstands concepts. Handwriting can also be affected because the student is unwilling to stay with the task long enough to precisely form and position the letters.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be devastating. Being misdiagnosed with ADHD can be even worse. A child who suffer from ADD, or ADHD, may "act out" by being disruptive in controlled settings such as work or the classroom. This impulsive behavior often gets them into trouble. Because they struggle focusing on a specific task for an appropriate amount of time, their grades drop. Children with ADD and ADHD exhibiting these symptoms are often medicated in an attempt to correct an assumed chemical imbalance.

"It is important to know that some of the children expressing ADD-like symptoms may not have ADD at all in which case it would be improper to medicate them as such."

A child with a learning disablitiy like auditory processing disorder, for example, might display behavior resembling a child with ADD. Medicating a child with a processing disorder is not going to make their problem go away. Current brain research has been the basis for effective and lasting treatment for people who have trouble focusing. Learning Technics has been on the forefront of truly understanding the various ways a brain can make it difficult for a person to concentrate. Our team of experts can reliably diagnose and treat people with processing problems. The difficulty lies in insufficiently developed connections in specific areas of the brain. Once the subject undergoes a series of training exercises, the connections begin to build and their ability to focus increases - permanently.

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