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for Learning Disabilities

Are you concerned about a child you love who is struggling with learning?

Perhaps you’ve spent countless hours prodding, pushing and helping to get homework done with little improvement. You are not alone! Read on, because there is hope for permanent changes to occur – for life!

Learning can be easier and more enjoyable for a lifetime. With the right techniques, children struggling academically can overcome their difficulties to reach their full potential and experience great success. With Learning Technic, there is a permanent solution!

Consider for a moment the following:

  • Does learning require more effort for your child than for their classmates?
  • Has your child struggled with learning for two years or more?
  • Has tutoring or special help proved ineffective for long-term results?
  • Has success been inconsistent?
  • Is your child’s performance below average or below grade level in specific academic areas?
  • Does your child struggle with forgetfulness?
  • Do you find your child has difficulties understanding and following spoken instructions or lectures?
  • Does your child struggle with sports or tasks that require coordination?
  • Does your child seem frustrated when learning new material?
  • Does your child frequently skip words or lines when reading?

If you answered “Yes” to three or more of these questions, it is very likely that your child may be struggling with mild to moderate learning disabilities. However, you and your child are not alone in this struggle. With the right resources, your child will not only thrive academically, but they’ll also regain their confidence and love to learn again!

Learning Technics On-Site Clinics

Even when a child qualifies for special learning disability programs specifically geared towards working with learning disabled students (such as resource or IEP’s), the results are often minimal at best. Unfortunately, learning disabilities can’t be adequately addressed or resolved in the classroom. They can’t be remedied with tutors or by after-school learning centers, such as Sylvan or Oxford.

The fact is, public schools, private schools, tutors and the vast majority of learning centers are just not equipped to effectively help students overcome their learning disabilities so they can “learn to learn.” Why? Because they typically only treat the symptoms of learning disabilities and not the root cause of the problem.

We developed Physio-Neuro Therapy (PNT) to empower families with a proven methodology that targets root causes to realize your child’s full academic potential. At Learning Technics, we leverage the proven techniques of PNT to help your child overcome their learning disabilities for the long term. PNT is designed to help your child move beyond simply treating the symptoms of their diagnosis to fix and repair the root cause of their diagnosis.

What is it like at Learning Technics?

At Learning Technics centers, our clinicians focus on how your child neurologically processes information. We’ve developed over 100 exercises to address specific processing problems. Through the guidance of experienced trainers, participants work through their exercises in a fun and enjoyable learning environment. This one-on-one attention and individualized approach, coupled with weekly sessions, makes our in-office program the most popular approach sought out by parents who want to achieve permanent results for their child.

Our in-office program consists of a clinician or trainer meeting with a student and their parent 1-4 days each week. During their sessions, clinicians offer guidance and ensure the parent is completing all exercises correctly (so they can continue to work with their child at home). During these weekly sessions, the clinician uses life management concepts to encourage the student in setting and reaching goals, developing a positive self-image, and a belief in the child’s ability to tap into their full potential.

Customers enjoy the accountability of these weekly sessions, as it keeps both the student and their parent on track and focused.

Physio-Neuro Therapy is effective for many learning disabilities including:

  • Dyslexia
  • Hyperactivity
  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Poor reading or comprehension
  • Difficulty remembering
  • Difficulty concentrating / short attention span
  • Difficulty following directions or sequencing information
  • Inability to complete tasks
  • Poor self-image
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Auditory Processing Disorder

The Evolution of Learning Technics - Onsite Clinic

While the Physio-Neuro Therapy program extends approximately 26 weeks, the results last a lifetime. PNT participants are required to pay a one-time fee, which is considerably less than the yearly 100+ hours of instruction with a professional tutor or learning center. Once you’ve completed the program, there will be no need to come back. The changes in the student’s ability are permanent. In fact, we are so confident in the permanent results of our program – we guarantee them!

At Learning Technics, we guarantee you will see an improvement in your child’s ability to learn, with the greatest improvement occurring in their most challenging areas. With PNT, you’ll see your child achieve new levels of confidence through a sustainable learning method, not the on-going approaches you may have already experienced through resource programs, tutoring or medication. PNT empowers both the child and their family.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your child permanently overcome their learning disabilities. We look forward to hearing from you.

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